Once infested with head lice, it usually takes a week for itching to develop. Itching is usually the only symptom, but scratch marks may occur, especially on the back of the neck. It is easier to discover and confirm head lice infestation if you actively look for them – so be vigilant if head lice are in your environment. In such cases, the entire family should be carefully checked for two weeks. Infected individuals should be treated simultaneously to minimize the risk of recurrence. 

People who have had lice in the past will immediately experience itching. However, many people experience no symptoms, which increase the risk of spreading.


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Treatment information

Tenutex® is a cutaneous emulsion containing benzyl benzoate / disulfiram. Tenutex® is a prescription free medicine that is active against Scabies, Head lice, and Pubic lice. For treatment of Head lice: Massage Tenutex® into towel dried hair. Make sure that all hair is covered with Tenutex® (consumption 25-75g depending on hair length). Wash and comb the hair after 24 hours. To get rid of head lice, 2 treatments with 8 days interval is required, in combination with daily thorough combing of the hair. For treatment of children under the age of 1 year, a doctor should always be consulted. Avoid contact with the eyes. Tenutex® contains cetostearyl alcohol which may cause local skin reactions (e.g. contact dermatitis). Read the patient information leaflet carefully before use.