Tenutex® is a prescription drug that is active against scabies, head lice and crab lice. Tenutex® cutaneous emulsion is available in a tube of 100g at your pharmacy (located in the fridge).

Please note that the doctor may have prescribed the drug for other usage and / or with a different dosage than stated in the leaflet. Always follow your doctor’s recommendations and instructions on the label of the medicine package.

Treating Head lice (Pediculosis capitis) with Tenutex®

Make a part of your towel dried hair on the top of the scalp and place a string of Tenutex® in the part. Rub out to the sides. Add new part of your hair on the right and left side and soak the hair (coverage depending on hair length 25-75g) from the inside out – the head lice are found on the scalp and this is where the eggs are laid. Avoid getting Tenutex in your eyes. Wash and comb your hair after a day.

In order to get rid of the head lice it generally requires a two time treatment with Tenutex® with an 8-day interval in combination with close combing of the hair. Comb the hair and inspect each third day for 14 days after treatment.

If desired, one can have a knitted hat or a similar headwear during the treatment period – however absolutely not an airtight one, such as bathing cap or plastic bag. Due to the infection mainly occurring through head to head contact, it is not needed to do extensive cleaning and cleaning of objects. However it is recommended to clean combs, brushes and hats.

Unsucceful treatment may be due to improper treatment, re-infection or resistance. Children and adults who are newly infected with head lice often lack symptoms and can therefore be an important source to the infection. Note that it takes a while for the head lice to die and therefore the findings of live lice after treatment is not necessarily a sign of resistance.

Contact the health care if repeated treatment attempts fail.

What is Tenutex® used for?

Tenutex® is parasite killing against head lice, crab lice and scabies.

Do I need a prescription to buy Tenutex®?


When should Tenutex® is not used?

Tenutex® should not be used by those who are allergic to organic sulfur compounds of vulcanized rubber.

Can Tenutex®  be stored at room temperature?

Tenutex® should be stored in cool, but a short time in room temperature is ok.

Can Tenutex® be frozen?

No. Frozen Tenutex® should be discarded.

Can blond hair get stained by Tenutex®? If that happens, what can I do?

A few cases of discolored blond hair has been reported. Wash and rinse with citric acid. The discoloration should go away after a few washes.

Discoloration of hair is usually not a effect of the product and can be explained by the levels of copper in the water. You can easily test the copper content in your water:

1st Fill a white sink with warm water in the morning before a shower.

2nd Stir in the water for a minute with a piece of solid soap (liquid soap does not work).

3rd Water that becomes grayish contains no copper.

4th Water that becomes pale green or blue-green copper indicates that the content is below 0.1 mg / l.

5th The bluer the water becomes, the higher the copper content.

Where can I buy Tenutex®?

At your local pharmacy. Since Tenutex® is a chilled product, ask the personell for assistance.

Other useful information

Tenutex® can cause yellowing or some residual odor of some textiles. So always use comfortable clothing and textiles in connection with the treatment.


Limited experience of use in pregnancy. Ask your doctor for treatment other than head lice.


No studies have been made on Tenutex® to see if the drug passes into breast milk. Ask your doctor for treatment other than head lice.

What does Tenutex® contain?

100 ml cutaneous emulsion contains: Active substances: Disulfiram 2g, benzyl benzoate 22.5 g

Other: Cocoa fat, stearic acid, trolamine, cetostearyl alcohol, eucalyptus oil, water.


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Treatment information

Tenutex® is a cutaneous emulsion containing benzyl benzoate / disulfiram. Tenutex® is a prescription free medicine that is active against Scabies, Head lice, and Pubic lice. For treatment of Head lice: Massage Tenutex® into towel dried hair. Make sure that all hair is covered with Tenutex® (consumption 25-75g depending on hair length). Wash and comb the hair after 24 hours. To get rid of head lice, 2 treatments with 8 days interval is required, in combination with daily thorough combing of the hair. For treatment of children under the age of 1 year, a doctor should always be consulted. Avoid contact with the eyes. Tenutex® contains cetostearyl alcohol which may cause local skin reactions (e.g. contact dermatitis). Read the patient information leaflet carefully before use.